Which of these do you really want or need?

Colorful yet confusing.

I’m excited to pilot a new offering, “Awareness Through Marketing”.

WHAT: A series of “Awareness Through Marketing” lessons via teleconference to help practitioners and trainees use the social media toolbox in a way that works for them. The series starts simply and will build from the ground up much like a series of traditional ATMs. After exploring fundamentals (personal FB pages, FB business pages, Twitter), we can venture into more complex “movements” such as blogging.

WHY: “If you know what you are doing, you can do what you want.” – MF

Many people use social media, just as many people walk. As Feldies know, there is room for improvement in all processes.

WHO: Feldenkrais practitioners and trainees who want to improve their confidence and effectiveness using social media.

HOW: “Being serious means not learning but trying to learn” – MF

Riffing off the titles and format of a Feldenkrais movement lesson, we’ll break down the process of using social media into small steps so you find your own way to utilize these tools. Let’s minimize buzzwords, not be too “serious” and instead explore and discern.


To be notified of future events, you can sign up here.

IMG_1754About moi: I’m a Feldenkrais Trainee, blogger and serial “artrepreneur” who has used social media to share my writing, market and sell art work, and promote exhibits and events. In previous lifetimes I worked as a management consultant to pharmaceutical companies and as an analyst at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York.


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