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Marketing Mondays

As we practice social distancing, I will be offering hourlong, weekly group Zoom calls to review and discuss online marketing for Feldenkrais practitioners. Each Monday will have a specific focus, drawn from my experiences with clients and observations of what is going on in my inbox and in the world and based on the theme of Connecting with Clients in a Crisis.

These will now be held at 10am-11am Eastern Daylight Time, US and continue for at least four weeks. Click here for a timezone converter.The first call was free, as I learned to use Zoom as a meeting host. For subsequent calls there will be a suggested sliding scale donation (amounts TBD). To get information about the calls, you’ll need to join my mailing list. I will send you instructions to register, make a donation and receive the recording if you cannot attend live. I will send the recordings within one business day.

Dates: March 30, April 6, April 13, April 20, April 27

March 30: Subject lines and frequency

The subject line is the most critical part of an e-mail, especially today when your clients are receiving many messages and are experiencing greater stress. Even if you’ve written a compelling update or newsletter, if the subject line doesn’t inspire people to open it, you’ve potentially wasted effort and an opportunity to share your gifts and give a person something they need. Small distinctions can make big differences! We’ll review what makes a subject line effective and discuss frequency: how often should you be reaching out to clients now?

April 6: Intention and Execution

Do your e-mails do what you want them to? Does the design you’ve chosen support your intention? Have you been sending a similar e-mail for a long time and are unsure how to be fresh? We’ll talk about what makes an e-mail engaging and what keeps readers and clients coming back for more. Please bring your questions and share struggles and triumphs to make the most of this guided, interactive, group learning experience.

April 13 & April 20: Can Your Story Connect You with Clients?

We’ll be discussing the power of story. Since the Feldenkrais Method is still relatively unknown, potential clients might connect more to your story rather than to the method itself.
At the same time, in a moment of crisis, people may care less about how you discovered Feldenkrais and your “journey” and more about ways you can help them right now. How can you navigate this paradox? Can you cultivate a flexible brain around your marketing pitch?

Please join my marketing newsletter to receive the Zoom link for calls and the recordings, plus themes for each of the subsequent calls. I am imagining that you have some familiarity with Zoom. I’m encouraging donations for each session, on a sliding scale, depending on the value you received and your circumstances.


Strategic planning, marketing and analytics support, brainstorming, editing

Are you starting a new business, practice or project and have something to say but are unsure how to say it?

Do you want to compose compelling, engaging and relevant e-mails for your clients but aren’t sure how?

Do you want to refresh your web content to reflect a new emphasis but lack the time or energy to do it by yourself?

Are you stuck (in confusion, fear, overwhelm) and would benefit from having someone help generate ideas and prioritize the next step?

Are you interested in having a supportive but keen eye review your website to make sure it reads smoothly and clearly?

Do you have an online business and need some help deciphering the data?

If so, I can help you!


I collaborated with Feldenkrais practitioners Nick Strauss-Klein over several months as he transitioned his collection of recorded lessons from his practice website to a dedicated educational and community-oriented site. I helped him: name the new site, develop branding, design the layout and look and feel of the home page and marketing materials, create a funding model to honor his vision and generate revenue, hone his marketing message and engage his audience, use analytics to track progress and make strategic decisions…plus a lot more, while using Feldenkrais principles to guide us through the uncharted waters of creating something unique. I continue to provide strategic guidance and marketing support.

You can read about my involvement here: From the Project Guide: How the Feldenkrais Method Built this Site

I have also collaborated with Tiffany Sankary to create some text for The Movement and Creativity Library, and contributed editing and idea-generation to the 2019 Feldenkrais Summit organized by Cynthia Allen.

Please use the form below to get in touch!

I am currently offering an introductory rate for brief marketing consultations: $25 for a 15-minute call (phone or Zoom) or $40 for a 30-minute call or editing session, payable in advance via PayPal. For longer term or more complex projects, rates will vary depending on what is involved.






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