I currently offer the following services:

Collaborative cogitation! Brainstorming, editing and content creation 

Are you starting a new business or practice and have something to say but are unsure how to say it?

Do you have a complex or varied professional background and need assistance creating a cohesive bio?

Do you want to refresh your web content to reflect a new emphasis but lack the time or energy to do it by yourself?

Are you stuck and would benefit from having someone brainstorm with you to generate ideas?

Are you interested in having a supportive but keen eye review your website to make sure it reads smoothly and clearly?

Example: I collaborated to create some of the text for The Movement and Creativity Library


Feldenkrais “Navigation”

If you are interested in the Feldenkrais Method but are unsure how to get started, I can refer you to practitioners and introduce you to suitable print, video and audio resources depending on your location, interest and need.

If you have a home Feldenkrais practice but are looking to add specific lessons and don’t know where to find them or don’t have the time to search, I can help track them down.

Example: A medical doctor hired me to locate lessons of a specific length to help him improve his vision, breathing and digestion. 
Example: The parent of a woman with special needs inquired about practitioners in their area


Please use the form below to get in touch! Rates are determined on a project basis. 





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