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Consider this page akin to what you’d see in front of a street busker or a cocktail lounge pianist. At times I’ve given entertainers and musicians anywhere from 25 cents to 20 dollars, depending on circumstances and how much their performances moved, delighted or transported me.

In those moments, I don’t care what they will do with the money; I’m indifferent as to whether they will spend it on food or a stiff drink. It’s not my business where those dollars go. What is my business is showing appreciation and acknowledging that their effort and skill touched me. When my applause seems inadequate, I’ll place coins or bills into a jar, an upturned hat or an open guitar case.

On the Internet, comments and shares function as virtual currency. It enriches me when readers join me in conversation or otherwise let me know they’ve visited. I’m also aware that not everyone feels comfortable interacting online, for the world to see. For those people, and anyone else who is inspired, I’m offering an opportunity to make a donation of any amount.

Since I don’t consume stiff drinks, funds raised will support an ad-free site and, eventually, a better site. Should you choose to contribute, you can click the tip jar to the left or the yellow ‘donate’ button in the right sidebar. Both will take you to PayPal. You’ll have a choice of making a one-time or a recurring donation.

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