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How Feldenkrais Functional Integration is Like Fine Dining (and vice versa)

If Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement lessons are akin to wine tasting, then a Functional Integration session is comparable to fine dining: memorable and worth it. A few weeks into my Budapest visit, a friend from long ago treated me to a multi-course tasting menu at a long established restaurant. The variety and subtlety of flavors … Continue reading

Dear Sugar: I’ve Filed for Divorce

Dear Sugar (C12H22O11), We’ve had a good run, not quite half a century together, longer than many marriages. I thought that by reaching for you when I felt blissful and blue, I proved my devotion to you. It never crossed my mind that you were a parasite who never reciprocated. Your complex molecule has romped, … Continue reading

A Pilgrim Goes “Royal”

Arab men fill the airy and glass-walled lobby of the Royal Rimonim Hotel.  They sit on upholstered chairs around low tables and play cards at this gleaming tower along the shore of Israel’s Dead Sea.  Some rotate rosaries through fidgety fingers. Women in diaphanous white head scarves and black outfits cluster around other tables, drinking … Continue reading

How Much Can I Eat?

The Camino is about walking.  And food.  Without food, there is no fuel for walking.  Looking over my daily expenses, the overwhelming majority is food and drink.  The price of a bed and a hot shower, by comparison, is relatively low.  When I was walking with the Italian teenager, we agreed that trying to save … Continue reading

Famous Last Words

Shortly after writing my previous post (A Tourist Demands. A Pilgrim Appreciates), I resumed the Camino after taking a day´s rest at a hostal in Burgos.   I bought some warmer clothes, a fleece vest and a hooded top.  And I enjoyed a room of my own:  a double bed (rather than a bunk bed).  A … Continue reading

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