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Feldenkrais Functional Integration: Learning to Live Lightly

Through awareness, we can learn to move with astonishing lightness and freedom at almost any age. – Moshe Feldenkrais During my last Feldenkrais training segment, I had a Functional Integration (FI) lesson with Julie Casson Rubin, one of my new trainers. In an FI, the practitioner teaches the student new patterns of movement through touch and/or … Continue reading

Dear New Yorker: Your Gluten Article is Hard to Swallow

Dear New Yorker, There was a time when I couldn’t wait for you to arrive in the mail each week. That was in the mid-1990s, when I was in my late twenties and worked at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York. Your covers and cartoons delighted me, your articles and essays informed and challenged me. Spending … Continue reading

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