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Zen Moment: Tea House Turnabout

Last week I stopped at a Denver tea house to write.  Expecting to stay a while, I ordered the tea service which, the menu said, included a full pot and a treat.  That turned out to be a handful of mouthwatering Earl Grey cookies.  The cheerful employee delivered it all to my table on a … Continue reading

The Power of Nature

I’m still thinking about the Black Canyon of the Gunnison, about 250 miles southwest of Denver, which I visited by accident a few weeks ago.   Although I’m an avid hiker, I don’t frequent this type of park, and it was heartening to see who else was there.  I chatted briefly with an Orthodox Jewish man … Continue reading

More on Last-Minute-Itis

Two posts ago I wrote about how, in waiting until the last minute to make lodging arrangements for a conference (The Wake Up Festival), I stumbled upon a solution to what, until then, had been a conundrum:  finding affordable accommodation that did not involve multiple roommates. Pleased to be renting a room in a private … Continue reading

In Defense of Last-Minute-itis

There are people who plan vacations months in advance, down to the hotels they will stay in each night and the clothing they will bring.  There are people who reserve a table at a restaurant weeks ahead and who book their next hair appointment while at the salon.  And many people fill their social, cultural … Continue reading

More on Possibility: Leaders are Everywhere

As long as I can remember, people have bemoaned a lack of leadership, of visionaries who can either inspire others to get involved for the greater good or do what’s necessary in the face of inertia or opposition.  But, what if the opposite were true? What if leaders are everywhere but we choose not to … Continue reading

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