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The Price of Finishing

“Where are you heading?” asked the man seated next to me in the scenic car as Amtrak‘s California Zephyr rumbled across Illinois.  I was multitasking — peering out the window while reviewing photos on my laptop — and glanced over.  With his worn sweater, baggy pants and bug-shaped eyeglasses that harkened from the 1980s, he … Continue reading

To Hang On or Let Go?

There is an end-of-Camino ritual at Finisterre, to burn something from the trip (or toss it into the sea).  The symbolism is personal: for some, it could be a form of spiritual completion, a break with the past and/or the promise of a new beginning. A few days before arriving to the coast, I walked … Continue reading

Endings as Beginnings

I´m nearing the end of my walk; in less than two days, I´ll arrive at Finisterre (the end of the earth).  In some ways, it is much like the beginning. Then, I started up a mountain in the midst of the Basque country, a region straddling France and Spain that, thanks to its remote location, … Continue reading

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