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On the Transformative Power of Blue Boots

Almost a year ago, an image of sleek, cobalt blue leather boots gleamed like a jewel at the top of my Facebook feed. The bright, monochrome booties, made by the Spanish company Camper, cheered me instantly, no small feat considering I had been experiencing throbbing shoulder pain and mounting despair for the preceding two months. … Continue reading


On Being a Tourist in My Own Backyard

When I was an active member of the Colorado Mountain Club, hiking steep trails and bagging peaks, it was tempting to pooh-pooh people who “cheated” and drove to the tops of mountains.  At times, some of my fellow hikers demeaned folks who were not in good shape or were too “lazy” to spend time in … Continue reading

Of Mountains and Mark Doty

Somehow, I managed to not know of poet and memoirist Mark Doty until Lighthouse Writers Workshop brought him to the Denver area over the weekend.  Friends raved about him, so I attended a “Writers Studio”, a combination of poetry reading and interview on Saturday, and his craft talk on Sunday.  That the first event took … Continue reading

Lists: Check them or chuck them?

Some people swear by lists. Shopping lists help you remember what to buy. Bucket lists help you dream and scheme of places you’d like to go and things you’d like to do. Best seller lists help you ascertain what might be worth reading and are a boon to the writers whose books make it onto … Continue reading

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