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Do Cars Have Souls? Cars and Karma, Revisited

My family of origin has a habit of driving cars until the final death rattle, even patched together with duct tape. When, a few years ago, a brother asked me if I was still driving the same car, I found the question odd. It wouldn’t have occurred to me to get a different vehicle simply because I … Continue reading

Cleaning up a Creek, Cleaning up Karma

Lured by a free breakfast, lunch and an REI t-shirt, I volunteered to help clean up the Sand Creek Regional Greenway, 25 minutes from my Denver apartment.  In theory, picking up other people’s garbage is not appealing; in reality, it was revealing. Armed with hats, work gloves and black and orange bags (for trash and … Continue reading

Behold the Karmic Vacuum

These days, I pay careful attention to who and what shows up in, or disappears from, my life and if the arrivals, departures or synchronicities carry meanings.   While I’ve always been attuned to symbols,  it wasn’t until I started writing creative non-fiction to identify themes in my à la carte life that I began … Continue reading

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