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Punctuality is About Energy, Too, Not Just Time

One of my earliest and most popular posts is Punctuality: It’s About Time. To recap, despite years of meditation, I still find it challenging to feel neutral about lapses in punctuality. I once believed that those who ran late lacked respect. Perhaps the issue, or my reaction, is more complex than that. A few weeks … Continue reading

What Are You Really Searching For?

On the Internet, everyone is a seeker.  We go online, type a word or phrase in Google and click “search”.  Perhaps we are looking for something specific: the best price on a certain item, a train schedule, the precise meaning of a word.  But many times, I suspect, we consult search engines as if they … Continue reading

What Will You Say “No” To In 2013?

In our culture, no is sometimes considered a dirty word, synonymous with negativity, rudeness or abruptness, especially if it’s not followed by a disclaimer, plausible excuse or explanation uttered in a dulcet tone.  Yes is often considered positive, supportive, agreeable, embracing. On the level of soul, however, no might be the most affirmative word a … Continue reading

Punctuality. It’s About Time.

No matter how much I meditate or do yoga inversions (forcing me to see things upside down), my buttons are pushed when people don’t show up or events don’t begin at the agreed upon or advertised time.  I experience, to varying degrees, irritation, anger, disappointment and/or — if it’s someone I really care about — … Continue reading

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