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Can I Find My Own Rhythm in Uber’s Algorithm?

In the last few days I have been Uber-ing around thanks to car trouble. It’s a stopgap measure until I decide what to do. To keep my travel expenses in check, I have tried out Uber’s most economical option, the Express Pool. A rider can choose to walk a few minutes to be picked up … Continue reading

Feldenkrais: Restore Your Factory Settings

Have you ever used a computer until it nearly died? I have. A few years ago I held onto my Dell laptop even after several keys had dislodged from the keyboard, like a geezer losing teeth, and it had slowed to a lugubrious speed. Rebooting was like trying to resuscitate the machine from its death throes and squeeze a few more breaths … Continue reading

Identity and the iPhone

As a child, I loved getting the mail.  I watched impatiently as the postman turned his vehicle onto our street, first delivering letters on the other side.  Sometimes I stood at the edge of the driveway to track the truck’s progress as it lurched from one house to the next, the driver oblivious to my … Continue reading

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