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New in 2016: My Articles on The Wisdom Daily


New in 2016: I’ll be contributing to The Wisdom Daily

In the vast, ever expanding and always changing universe that is the Internet, it can be challenging for writers and readers to find a place to participate, let alone a place to call home. That’s why so many people create their own blogs, their own slivers of cyberspace on which to set up a base camp and, from there, explore other outposts. So far, my explorations have included publishing on Hevria, Elephant Journal, SavvyAuntie.comTiferet Journal, and a Feldenkrais publication.

A few months ago, fellow writer and super blogger Elad Nehorai approached me to write for a site I’d only previously glanced at out the corner of my eye. It’s The Wisdom Daily, run by a Jewish non-profit, with rabbis as many of its writers. He explained that he’s now stewarding it in a new direction, focusing on readers who either do not follow any organized religion, but who still identify as spiritual, and also “those within the framework of religion who have shrugged off labels, and focused more on the actual message of their religion.”

Since I, as an à la carte spirit, am nothing if not someone who has tried on a number of labels only to have shrugged them off (or, more accurately, painstakingly peeled them off) and who strives to scratch beneath the surface of conventional notions of identity, his invitation set off the good kind of bells, the ding ding ding of discovering one has won a lottery…in this case, a soul lottery. Not only does the site’s new focus fit with my own worldview, Elad’s love of and talent for social media and success at other online ventures made me want to be a part of this team, to see how far and wide we can reach as a collective, to cheer each other on as we explore this new frontier and, in the process, discover more about ourselves and share that wisdom with the world. While we all have particular and outwardly unique paths to tread, ultimately our journeys share universal themes.

Since I’ve been asked to create unique material for The Wisdom Daily, longtime readers of this blog will see something new while recognizing familiar topics. For the time being, I’ll be contributing once a month; given that rebranding the site required extra time, my second post will appear less than four weeks from now, and then monthly after that. Here’s the link to my first article: Struggling with Doubt? Walk it Out.

Enjoy, and thanks for reading!




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