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Feldenkrais Functional Integration: Learning to Live Lightly

Through awareness, we can learn to move with astonishing lightness and freedom at almost any age. – Moshe Feldenkrais During my last Feldenkrais training segment, I had a Functional Integration (FI) lesson with Julie Casson Rubin, one of my new trainers. In an FI, the practitioner teaches the student new patterns of movement through touch and/or … Continue reading

A Camino Pilgrim Visits Costco

When I went to Costco many years ago, with my sister-in-law, I couldn’t wait to evacuate. The harsh lighting and din bothered me. The mountains of merchandise and the super sized containers turned me off. As someone who appreciates thoughtfully designed displays in specialty shops, ideally uncrowded ones, I found nothing visually pleasing, enticing or artisanal about the experience. Costco seemed designed for … Continue reading

Road Trip as American Camino: Yellowstone as Santiago?

Before I left for El Camino de Santiago nearly two years ago, my dance teacher told me she had seen the film, “The Way”. Wide eyed, she recapped a scene at Santiago de Compostela Cathedral, where robed priests swung a censer across the church, releasing white smoke into the air. My innards tightened, as if that … Continue reading

Road Trip as American Camino: Finding “Finisterre”

Finisterre means “the end of the earth”. This town in Galicia, perched on a rocky outcropping, overlooks a seemingly eternal ocean. To explorers, it must have seemed like the end of terra firma, and it marked the terminus of my pilgrimage along El Camino de Santiago in Spain. At the Finisterre lighthouse, pilgrims burn a personal item from … Continue reading

Road Trip as American Camino: A chance to “shunpike’

The word “shunpike” just crossed my radar. From “shun” and “turnpike”, it originally referred to avoiding toll roads, but can now mean preferring lightly traveled country roads instead of highways, whether fee-based or not.  El Camino de Santiago and a road trip offer a choice of “way”, both in terms of the different types of surfaces, and also … Continue reading

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