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On the Importance of the Right Container

Imagine you’re handed a precious elixir that requires immediate refrigeration. All you have is a used plastic supermarket container. You wash, rinse and wipe it dry before transferring the elixir. The next day you notice a leak from a pinprick in the bottom. Quickly, you tape it. Shortly thereafter, you observe that the amount of … Continue reading

Cents and Sensible Shoes

The horrifying collapse of the building in Bangladesh was on my mind when I went on another shoe expedition this weekend.  With Denver temperatures reaching the 80s, I wondered if I’d have to imprison my toes all summer in lace-ups that accommodate my boat-sized, white orthotics.  Since Colorado might as well be called Flip-flopistan (some … Continue reading

Meditating on My Footprint

I have disproportionately large feet. Contrary to the predictions of my heavily perfumed and amply cleavaged seventh grade French teacher, my stature never became commensurate with my outsized feet (and hands).  She swore I would be at least 5’6″.  Although I found her personality eccentric and her scent overpowering, I had faith in her prophecy … Continue reading

To Hang On or Let Go?

There is an end-of-Camino ritual at Finisterre, to burn something from the trip (or toss it into the sea).  The symbolism is personal: for some, it could be a form of spiritual completion, a break with the past and/or the promise of a new beginning. A few days before arriving to the coast, I walked … Continue reading

Cutting (out) the Cheese

I’m not the only one who over packed for the Camino; most of the others are also Americans who, determined to resolve every possible problem on their own, schlepped a lot of stuff.   One older fellow I walked with for a few kilometers confessed to pitching three guidebooks and a bag of food into the forest … Continue reading

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