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Attention is Love. Where is Yours Today?

Some people will celebrate today with flowers, chocolates, red and pink candies, heart shaped cakes, cards, gifts and/or romantic dinners. Festivity is fun, yet if one were to strip away the veneer of romance one would discover that to love another is, simply, to give one’s attention to them. Yet, offering our attention and being present with another human being … Continue reading

What to Do When the World is in Chaos? Get Present

The flurry of news, executive orders and meetings in Trump’s first week in the Oval Office has been breathtaking, the potential consequences overwhelming and, for me, heartbreaking. Some scholars and analysts have referred to the immigration ban as a “shock event”, designed to destabilize people and distract them from a more subtle, but possibly more dangerous maneuver. … Continue reading

Oh, the Places You’ll Go! HuffPo?!

As some of you know, my recent piece, An Open Letter to Ivanka Trump from One Daughter to Another, was published on The Huffington Post. It first appeared in the unindexed, unsearchable contributors’ section, sort of a virtual slush pile. Then an editor highlighted some quotes and posted it on the political blog, a place I never expected to see … Continue reading

What’s “Cutting Edge” in Feldenkrais? It Depends

“We act in accordance with our self-image” – Moshe Feldenkrais In Feldenkrais we aim to cultivate reversibility, the ability to change direction, even in the middle of a complex movement, without having to reposition ourselves first. Although I had known about the Feldenkrais Conference at the University of North Carolina (Asheville) for months, I remained on the … Continue reading

How Have You Been Silenced?

The Orlando bloodbath has left many people, myself included, speechless. What is there to say, after the umpteenth mass shooting in this supposed greatest nation on earth, a country where, in some places, it’s easier to buy a semi-automatic than Sudafed? Temporary speechlessness, in the aftermath of a shock, is not the same as silence. Perhaps the ultimate … Continue reading

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