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Awareness through Money: Of Feldenkrais and Finances

We need habits if we are to act appropriately and quickly. But habits used blindly or as if they are laws of nature, i.e. cannot be changed, are just perpetuated, agreed ignorance. – Moshe Feldenkrais, The Elusive Obvious It’s almost tax time in the United States, an annual rite of financial reckoning that provokes dread … Continue reading

The Political Soup: Bernie Sanders for Executive Chef

When à la carte spirit gets political, the menu concept comes in handy. If the United States of America is a melting pot, then it makes sense to ask: what is in the pot, what is the pot made of, and who is stirring the pot? It’s an election year and we have new choices. Do we want to … Continue reading

On Not Killing Your Joy

In my ongoing attempt to live with less, over the spring I turned a ruthless eye toward my art supplies: acrylic and powder paints, pastels, collage materials collected over the years, dozens of different beads from when I designed jewelry professionally, tons of mosaic tesserae from my subsequent artrepreneurship, partially completed works in various media, wire … Continue reading

Stuff is Not a Synonym for Abundance

I once heard some spiritual advice that went something like this: if you were not surrounded with objects you love, it was a sign you were “blocking abundance”.  The statement might contain a nugget of truth; perhaps some people don’t believe they deserve to have what pleases them, and they live in a state of … Continue reading

When Curiosity Beckons

When curiosity beckons, we don’t always know where it will take us, or how long the journey will be. Last week a friend, a spry septuagenarian who pedals around town like nobody’s business, mentioned she was overwhelmed by the thought of preparing for her upcoming yard sale.  I asked her if she wanted help.  My … Continue reading

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