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Authority vs. Authenticity

I recently enrolled in a workshop called “Claim Your Voice.” As an introvert, my tendency towards formulating a response and finding accurate words sometimes trump instantaneous communication. Fast-moving conversations often drown out my voice, or people misinterpret my pause as meaning that I have nothing to say, so I am overlooked. By the time I’ve … Continue reading

Yes, I am a S.N.O.B.

The first time I was called a snob, it wasn’t to my face. Rather, it was written in a bathroom stall in the girls’ locker room at my high school.  To see my name and my boyfriend’s inked and linked with “snob” stung, even more so since my pants were down.  I was 15 and … Continue reading

Why “Fake It ‘Til You Make It” is ‘Fekakta’

Of all the sound bites abounding in our culture, “fake it ’til you make it” has widespread appeal.  And for those of you who did not have Yiddish-speaking elders, fekakta means something akin to “f***ed up”. The “fake it” mantra is supposed to help people.  Feeling blue?  Pretend you feel better until you *really* feel … Continue reading

1,000+ views, but who is counting?

Last night I checked this blog’s “stats” page and saw that it had 999 views.  999! Before I dive into the “who is counting” part, I would like to thank whoever is reading or eyeballing this blog, even if you don’t comment or “like” the posts (if you don’t wish to comment publicly, you can … Continue reading

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