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Feldenkrais: Playing Footsie to Gain Footing

What does it really mean to stand on our own two feet? Until I sustained an injury walking El Camino de Santiago, I hadn’t given much attention to my feet, except to lament their rather large size.  In our culture, we typically wrap our feet in shoes during autumn and winter and bare them, to various degrees, in … Continue reading

And This Little Piggy Said “Weeee” All the Way Home

Not since my mother recited the “Little Piggy” rhyme and tickled my (then small) feet have I focused this much attention on my left pinky toe. At the moment, it’s not saying “weeee”. And, according to a senior Rolfing practitioner I consulted, it’s not saying much at all. Rolfing, unlike much of Western medicine, considers … Continue reading

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