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On Giving Up Facebook for Eight Days

Despite my trepidation, refraining from Facebook for Passover proved to be a revealing exercise in awareness, therefore an excellent decision. During the first few days, I reflexively clicked on the Facebook URL in my browser history as if I were a caged rat conditioned to press a lever. Having logged out of Facebook the evening of April 3, I couldn’t … Continue reading

Awareness Through Mufti: Feldenkrais and…Fashion?!

Moshe Feldenkrais was no slave to fashion. His casual if not indifferent approach to clothing (loose shirts with pens and envelopes in the pockets) and untamed hair reminds me of that of my late father, also a physicist, who at times was oblivious to wrinkles, incorrectly buttoned shirts, a fly away mane and mismatched socks. I learned from one of Moshe’s American students that he … Continue reading

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