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Making Goulash with Moshe Feldenkrais

I traveled to Budapest “by myself” but, with Moshe Feldenkrais on my mind, I don’t feel particularly alone. Last Sunday, after chatting with a practitioner at a tea house, I walked home and noticed I was hungrier than usual. I stopped at the local grocery store, which has a bit of everything. I thought I’d … Continue reading


The Primal Power of Food Memories

The photo essay 33 Hungarian Foods the Whole World Should Know and Love grabbed my attention last week. Topping the list was lángos, a thick fried dough slathered with sour cream and sprinkled with cheese: Fat upon fat upon fat! Seeing the photograph, my saliva glands erupted geyser-like as I recalled this snack. Gulyás (goulash) was … Continue reading

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