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Common Denominator: Moshe Feldenkrais and Gertrude Stein

  “Let me listen to me and not to them” – Gertrude Stein “The object of this learning is to remove outside authority from your inner life” – Moshe Feldenkrais Friends invited me to a “Night of Gertrude Stein” at a bookstore the other evening. I knew little about her poetry, save for the oft-quoted … Continue reading


Yoga is a Four Letter Word

I’m surprised by the ongoing reaction to my article, “Why I Do Feldenkrais Instead of Yoga”. Most feedback has been supportive, affirming and encouraging. Yet some people who do Feldenkrais and yoga have objected, not to the article itself, in which I describe my personal experience, some of which they even relate to, but to the title. They wished … Continue reading

On the Perils of Unsolicited Advice

In our talk-centric culture, opinions are exchanged as unconsciously as oxygen molecules. Many people apparently enjoy conversations that more closely resemble ping-pong matches than genuine inquiry. For some, offering advice is a compulsive habit. Regardless of whether anyone is interested, they are like fountains that gurgle their viewpoints on humans within hearing distance or on social media. But many folks, even non-gurglers, often … Continue reading

Of Language, the Conquerors and the Conquered

Not long ago, I stepped inside Móntez Gallery, housed in an adobe church in the mountain village of Truchas, NM. Religious-themed artwork, of saints and madonnas, plus eclectic women’s clothing and other artifacts, adorned the walls of the cool, serene space. I asked the slender white haired man seated in a corner of the church whom he represented. “A … Continue reading

I Love “You”, I Hate “U”

When I first heard about texting, I shuddered. I didn’t understand the appeal of shooting short messages via cell phone when one could use that same device to speak to a human. Why send an electronic burp when one could compose a more thoughtful and thorough e-mail? But consideration takes time, and in a culture … Continue reading

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