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Couched in a Dilemma

Would you part with a favorite object if someone wanted to buy it? I’m in the midst of a ruthless purge and have advertised some furniture on Craigslist. Among other items, I wish to bid farewell to a wood bench I’ve had nearly 15 years. Purchased to fit up a curving staircase and through a narrow doorway, I’ve … Continue reading


When Things Come to An End. Finally.

Recently, I did something that my earlier self would have considered unthinkable. I left the last of my stash of designer beads, worth more than one thousand dollars, for consignment at a local bead shop. I left them without an inventory sheet or suggested prices. I left them because, finally, I was done. Done working with beads, done … Continue reading

It’s Easier to Clean a Creek than a Closet

After extracting, sorting and hauling pounds of garbage in a creek clean up two weeks ago, I thought tackling my wardrobe would be a breeze.  Ha! While nothing in my closet is rusty, stinky or heavy, many of my clothes carry invisible baggage that makes deciding what to keep, sell or donate like navigating an … Continue reading

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