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Ponderings: Passover in Two Places

I spent Passover’s first half in Israel.  The day of the Seder, I traveled by bus to Jerusalem’s Malcha Mall with my oldest niece. She was meeting a friend, and I was on the hunt for comfortable shoes.  At the entrance we went our separate ways.  While I failed to find footwear, I wandered around, … Continue reading


Matzah: Bread of Affliction or Tool for Introspection?

Most of the year I’m an à la carte spiritual being, but there are some holidays that return me to the Jewish “camp”.  Passover is one of them.   For some Jews, after the Seder ends, Passover becomes a week of dietary torture.  Wheat and four other grains are prohibited, making meal preparation challenging if not … Continue reading

Spring Rituals and Lessons for Writing (and vice versa)

While buying a box of matzah a few days ago, I remembered that one of the purposes of this unleavened product is to instruct the eater to be humble and not let the ego run the show…at least for the eight days of Passover, if not longer.  Good writing also demands we put our egos … Continue reading

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