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Returning to El Camino at an Aikido Camp

As an à la carte spirit, I have an aversion to package deals. I’d rather do my own selecting, thank you. Yet I recently had to put my à la carte attitude aside to attend an Aikido “summer camp” in Montreal, taught by master Christian Tissier. The venue, a private college, didn’t excite me, although the photograph of … Continue reading

Feldenkrais: When Irritation Is Injury

If we are not cuckoo, the body heals. Because if I’m not cuckoo, how will the body be cuckoo? The body and I are the same thing. – Moshe Feldenkrais (Amherst, 1980) As has been documented in many places, most recently in The Brain’s Way of Healing, Moshe Feldenkrais developed his method while healing his severe … Continue reading

Goldilocks and the Three Lodgings

Goldilocks (whose hair is actually brown and silver) decided to visit San Francisco in early January to check out a different Feldenkrais program. After carefully considering whether to go or not, she didn’t have much time to arrange housing. Goldilocks has a highly sensitive nervous system, meaning she is more influenced by the environment than the average bear and, therefore, needed to … Continue reading

Reclaiming B.I.T.C.H.

I wonder if American culture will ever embrace, let alone celebrate, introverts, especially introverted women. I sketched this post at the end of 2013 after comparing notes on life and blogging via Skype with the author of http://www.space2live.net, which focuses on introversion.  A few months ago I wrote Yes, I am a S.N.O.B.  I’m proud … Continue reading

Primary Care, Second Rate Treatment

I’m beginning to think that finding a doctor is like dating, an adventure punctuated with high hopes and dashed expectations.  Sometimes, one gets lucky and feels simpatico right away.   Other times, one might — out of convenience, inertia, fear of the unknown — stay in a relationship that is OK but not great or avoid … Continue reading

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