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What Does it Mean to “Arrive”?

A week ago Sunday a friend and I got together to practice being present.  We sat at a shaded table outside a tea house and spent a moment taking a breath together. Then, we began to notice what was around us.  That morning the wind was whimsical, its temperature and direction varying moment by moment, … Continue reading


Shabbat in Santiago

Yesterday (Friday) I returned to Santiago from Finisterre; the distance that took me three and a half days to walk was covered in just two and a half hours by bus.  For the last several weeks and 880 kilometers, I have followed waymarks, mostly yellow arrows (from faded to fresh) that are either spray painted … Continue reading

Of Cathedrals, Then and Now

Spain is filled with cathedrals.  Some are on the Camino.  For many Pilgrims, they are a welcome (visual) relief from the vast stretches of vineyards, olive groves and farmland.  For others, they are a source of spiritual inspiration or comfort; some attend the Pilgrim Mass.  And yet for others, the cathedrals are something to avoid. … Continue reading

Who is Setting the Pace?

I’ve asked myself this question many times since starting the Camino, actually, before I even began.  To plan the trip, I consulted a guidebook and Internet forums about how long it takes to complete.  Depending on whom you ask, the trek from St. Jean Pied de Port to Santiago de Compostela can take anywhere from … Continue reading

Inspired or Insane?

Since “(in)sanity” is on the à la carte menu, it’s time to dish out a serving. Last month I attended the Wake Up Festival, a nourishing buffet of poets, gurus, meditation instructors, scientists, musicians, writers and yogis who shared their experiences on the process of enlightenment and practices to stave off “endarkenment”.  David Whyte read … Continue reading

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