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Trashing Clichés

I took out the trash today. “So what?” you say.  And that, to any spiritual gurus who might be reading, is exactly my point. Not long ago I was listening to a recorded interview of a seeker/guru/author who said something like, “Even if you have an enlightenment experience (on retreat), once you’re home you still … Continue reading


Meet My Guru: Handstand (Part II)

I shared the news of my out-of-the-blue handstand with my yoga teacher the following week.  The moment the words flew out of my mouth, I knew I should have kept mum. “Great!” she beamed. “Let’s see you do it today.” Nothing can kill handstand like performance anxiety.  Midway through class, she had us bring our … Continue reading


Growing up in a suburb of Harvard University, I imagined that life was some kind of an escalator, and once you stepped aboard, maybe after college, or even before, you just kept going up and up and up, a nonstop ascent to the top.  The top of what, I didn’t really ask myself.   I also … Continue reading

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