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Resistance: the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Recently I bought swim paddles, pieces of molded grey plastic that attach to my hands with red rubber straps.  Wearing them, I feel like a crustacean with oddly shaped claws.  These appendages are designed to create more resistance in the water and build muscle, but my main interest was to vary my workout so I’d … Continue reading

Are There “Accidents”?

“Were you in an accident?”  asked the chunky, spiky haired masseuse at my physical therapist’s office as I lay on a table.  She was working on my left foot and leg, per her boss’ instructions. “No,” I said. “I walked more than 500 miles.” And maybe trekking that distance, in my case, created physical effects … Continue reading

Learning “Swimese”…or is it “Swimish”?

I love languages.  I delight in discovering that, in some other tongues, nouns are gendered, reflexive verbs romp through the vernacular, and tenses (other than past, present and future) abound.  Pronouncing vowels differently exercises my jaw and lips.  Mastering syntax and grammar challenges my brain, and encountering nuanced concepts expands my mind.  Having even basic … Continue reading

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