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Notes from a Liminal Space, II

Three days ago, when I landed in Boston after a few nights of little sleep, the move of my apartment into storage, and a bad case of the monthlies, I was so depleted that the thought of  simply flying to Spain seemed physically impossible, especially since I hadn´t finished packing and I didn´t have all my gear…yet.

Somehow, with the logistical support of family, I managed to get on the plane yesterday.  It arrived this morning, I picked up my trekking poles from the luggage carousel, activated my European phone, bought breakfast at an airport market and a bus ticket to Pamplona.  Somehow, despite my fogged brain, my Spanish language skills rose to the occasion.  Five hours later I staggered into the Pamplona bus terminal with a whopping case of jet lag, itself a liminal condition.  My intestines, too, are in a liminal space: they can´t decide whether to hold on or let go.  At least the bathrooms (with rectangular toilets, minus seats) are close by.

When I boarded the bus, I wasn´t sure if I´d spend the night here or press on to Roncesvalles on the daily 6pm bus and then onto St. Jean Pied de Port, a Basque village in France that is the start of the Camino.  But, arriving here, I noticed other Pilgrims gathering.  We´re easy to spot, with packs on our backs and poles or walking sticks strapped on, a not-so-secret society.  With the possibility of sharing a taxi into France likely, I decided to keep traveling, rather than spend tomorrow in Pamplona.  Instead, I will wake up in France, let my body catch up to its new location and again wonder what on earth I´ve gotten myself into.


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5 thoughts on “Notes from a Liminal Space, II

  1. Our lives are built on liminal processes and mostly of little eternal significance–choices, decisions that transition our minds and bodies from one event to the next, such as which shirt to wear, what to cereal to eat.

    Happening with less frequency are milestone decisions–which college to attend, who to marry, what 500-mile path to walk. It’s those nearly heart-stopping choices that catapult us over high walls into strange lands and forever change our lives.

    Ilona, you’re on the hero’s journey of self-discovery, and nothing is better than that. I know you will savor each step you take, blisters and all.

    Posted by kenlutes | October 2, 2012, 9:54 am
    • Thanks, Ken; right now i am savoring the food – blisters start tomorrow. meanwhile, this french (?) keyboard is making typing slow. The Q is where the A should be, plus many other idiosyncrasies. No complaints, but it is forcing me to slow down, which is probably the point!

      Posted by ilona fried | October 3, 2012, 12:05 pm
  2. Yeah, what Ken said!! Thinking of you Ilona. Sending lots of good wishes.

    Posted by Jannett Matusiak | October 2, 2012, 10:27 am


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