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If Patience Were a Vitamin, I’d Take the Whole Bottle

My aunt, who until recently was Queen of Crochet, with many large and intricate projects under her hook, read about my return to knitting.  She had this to say: “It’s like anything else…it needs time and patience.” She made it sound so simple.  If my body has a deficiency, it’s that it seemingly lacks receptors … Continue reading

Born Again. Die Again. Repeat.

The Camino offered opportunities to experience the full arc of a day, a subtle but profound satisfaction I’ve been missing.  When I began the pilgrimage in early October, the sun didn’t rise until after 8 a.m.  That it was still dark so “late” was, at first, disconcerting but it meant I was already moving when … Continue reading

The Darkness behind Pink Bows and Ribbons

For months, Denver has been festooned with the image of a “Paris rose” satin bow from an evening dress in Yves Saint Laurent: The Retrospective at the Denver Art Museum (the exhibit ends today).  Colorado’s capital was the exclusive US venue for this extravaganza, which made for the unexpected troika of “Paris. Madrid. Denver.” on … Continue reading

What if Every Moment were the Last Minute?

Recently I created an online fundraising auction for some of my art, small mosaics of flowers that incorporated empty bullet casings.  I had a choice of how long to allow bids — one, three, five, seven or ten days.  I wanted to keep people’s attention focused on it, which was a rationale for a shorter … Continue reading

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