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The Perils of Not Listening

Walking along an earthen track towards St. Juan de Ortega, I noticed a large blonde man whose full backpack tilted severely to the left.  Thinking it might strain a muscle, I mentioned it to him as I approached. “Yes, you´re the second person who has told me this,” he said, smiling, as if our concern … Continue reading

Dispatch from an Olympics Grinch

I remember being glued to the Olympics when I was home one winter with pneumonia or flu (probably in 1976), with my cat and the television my main companions.  I enjoyed the figure skating, with its costumes, elegant skaters and music, but couldn’t connect to the other sports.  As a highly sensitive person, I hated … Continue reading

Dental Chair Delight: Is it Possible?

Mostly, I take good care of myself.  I meditate almost every day, exercise several times a week, eat a diet heavy on greens, beans, and grains.  I don’t smoke or drink (coffee or alcohol).  Yet, when it comes to my teeth, I can be a bit of a slacker.  Perhaps this is because, despite a … Continue reading

Primary Care, Second Rate Treatment

I’m beginning to think that finding a doctor is like dating, an adventure punctuated with high hopes and dashed expectations.  Sometimes, one gets lucky and feels simpatico right away.   Other times, one might — out of convenience, inertia, fear of the unknown — stay in a relationship that is OK but not great or avoid … Continue reading

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