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A Tribute and a Request

In March, I wrote about the passing of Robyn Richey Piz, a fellow writer and co-founder of Salon Denver.  She and her friend Christy Bailey invited me and a dozen others to this monthly gathering of writers to share works in progress and inspire each other.  Some ‘salonistas’ who read that post had lovely things … Continue reading


And This Little Piggy Said “Weeee” All the Way Home

Not since my mother recited the “Little Piggy” rhyme and tickled my (then small) feet have I focused this much attention on my left pinky toe. At the moment, it’s not saying “weeee”. And, according to a senior Rolfing practitioner I consulted, it’s not saying much at all. Rolfing, unlike much of Western medicine, considers … Continue reading

Can a Mammogram be “Fun”?

Mammograms can be a real pain in the boob.  Although recommended as a screening tool, they are not foolproof.  Mammograms failed to detect cancerous tumors in at least two women I know, including a family member. Still, each fall I schedule my appointment, a cross between a medical and psychological ritual.  Even if imperfect and … Continue reading

Of Optics and Illusions

When I learned recently I’d need my first pair of glasses, I had two reactions: gratitude for decades of good vision, and excitement about possible looks.  More than other accessories, spectacles speak volumes about who we believe ourselves to be and how we wish to come across.  Long before I needed a prescription, I lusted … Continue reading

Meditating on My Footprint

I have disproportionately large feet. Contrary to the predictions of my heavily perfumed and amply cleavaged seventh grade French teacher, my stature never became commensurate with my outsized feet (and hands).  She swore I would be at least 5’6″.  Although I found her personality eccentric and her scent overpowering, I had faith in her prophecy … Continue reading

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