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What Will You Say “No” To In 2013?

In our culture, no is sometimes considered a dirty word, synonymous with negativity, rudeness or abruptness, especially if it’s not followed by a disclaimer, plausible excuse or explanation uttered in a dulcet tone.  Yes is often considered positive, supportive, agreeable, embracing. On the level of soul, however, no might be the most affirmative word a … Continue reading


Inspired or Insane?

Since “(in)sanity” is on the à la carte menu, it’s time to dish out a serving. Last month I attended the Wake Up Festival, a nourishing buffet of poets, gurus, meditation instructors, scientists, musicians, writers and yogis who shared their experiences on the process of enlightenment and practices to stave off “endarkenment”.  David Whyte read … Continue reading

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