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Dropping Weight: Notes on My Great Art Giveaway

In the midst of my KonMari decluttering, I wondered what to do with some of my mosaic art. Diverse pieces created between 2007 and 2012 had not sold when I actively engaged with this medium. During those years, I designed and maintained a website and a Facebook page. I served as vice president of a mosaic art group, … Continue reading

What if Every Moment were the Last Minute?

Recently I created an online fundraising auction for some of my art, small mosaics of flowers that incorporated empty bullet casings.  I had a choice of how long to allow bids — one, three, five, seven or ten days.  I wanted to keep people’s attention focused on it, which was a rationale for a shorter … Continue reading

Bullies and Bullets

My sixth grade teacher had a bristly mustache, acne scarred skin and a bulbous red nose one might find on an alcoholic.  He sported mobster-like sunglasses, a leather jacket and a swagger.  More often than not he sat on (rather than at) his desk in a corner of our rectangular classroom.  The rest of us … Continue reading

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