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Flipping the Bird at Perfectionism

Sometimes a message only gets across when delivered at the right time.  Last Tuesday was one of the more hectic days of my life.  I had a red eye flight to catch that evening.  Before then, I had to finish packing, clean my living space since I was moving out, drive straggling items to my storage … Continue reading

Knitting Ain’t for Sissies…or Bullies

I just finished a keyhole scarf I started knitting a few months ago.  I’m exhausted, not exhilarated. After several frustrating beginnings, described here, I hit a groove.  Or so I thought.  More than halfway through the project, I surveyed my work and discovered many glaring mistakes.  Not only that, the design I modified to accommodate … Continue reading


Growing up in a suburb of Harvard University, I imagined that life was some kind of an escalator, and once you stepped aboard, maybe after college, or even before, you just kept going up and up and up, a nonstop ascent to the top.  The top of what, I didn’t really ask myself.   I also … Continue reading

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