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What to Do When the World is in Chaos? Get Present

The flurry of news, executive orders and meetings in Trump’s first week in the Oval Office has been breathtaking, the potential consequences overwhelming and, for me, heartbreaking. Some scholars and analysts have referred to the immigration ban as a “shock event”, designed to destabilize people and distract them from a more subtle, but possibly more dangerous maneuver. … Continue reading


What’s Your Territory?

When I need a sane, no nonsense reminder of what resistance is, and inspiration for battling it daily, I pick up my worn copy of Steven Pressfield’s The War of Art.  It’s a must-read for anyone trying to live more powerfully, whether that means creating art, healing a relationship, or getting in shape.  As he … Continue reading

Swimming to Celebrate

Yesterday at 7:16 a.m. I waded into the local reservoir with Boulder Aquatic Masters.  It organizes private swims before the main beach opens: without motorboats and crowds, the area is relatively silent, the water calm.  At that hour, the air is still cool.  It’s a bit like being on a watery Camino de Santiago: instead … Continue reading

Resistance: the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Recently I bought swim paddles, pieces of molded grey plastic that attach to my hands with red rubber straps.  Wearing them, I feel like a crustacean with oddly shaped claws.  These appendages are designed to create more resistance in the water and build muscle, but my main interest was to vary my workout so I’d … Continue reading

Don’t Over “Too” It

I’m starting to believe that “too” is actually a four letter word, to be uttered only when absolutely necessary. Over the last several years, I’ve meditated almost daily and have been on a few week-long retreats.  While I’ve never entered a blissful or altered state, the practice has given me some distance from the chatter … Continue reading

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