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I Write. God Laughs.

Again, I’m reminded that writing can be an uncannily mystical act. Shortly after drafting my latest post, some of my words came true. In that post, I wrote: “To have an answer, or at least appear smart, had been a survival strategy. To be caught without knowing something was practically as humiliating as being caught with my pants down.” … Continue reading


I Was Locked Out. Were Others Locked In?

In expensive cities such as Boulder and San Francisco, where unmarried adults often live together, some shared living arrangements resemble tumbler locks. For them to function properly, all the elements, or pins, have to align. These are the owner, the property, often the master tenant (the person who holds the lease), and the roommates (selected by the master tenant … Continue reading

Goldilocks and the Three Lodgings

Goldilocks (whose hair is actually brown and silver) decided to visit San Francisco in early January to check out a different Feldenkrais program. After carefully considering whether to go or not, she didn’t have much time to arrange housing. Goldilocks has a highly sensitive nervous system, meaning she is more influenced by the environment than the average bear and, therefore, needed to … Continue reading

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