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Spiritual Practice at Trader Joe’s

Whether you love, hate or are indifferent to Trader Joe’s, its model is distinct. According to TJ’s website, the business cuts costs by “putting innovative, hard-to-find, great-tasting foods in the Trader Joe’s name.” Although I purchase the bulk of my groceries elsewhere, I pop into their Boulder, CO store occasionally. I’ve discovered that their house … Continue reading

What is “Spiritual Practice”?

When I began this blog nearly 18 months ago, I chose not to limit myself to a single topic or focus, curious to see what would emerge. Last week, buoyed by an increase in traffic, I redesigned the blog, making the home page more user friendly and dynamic. And I tried to look at my … Continue reading

Trashing Clichés

I took out the trash today. “So what?” you say.  And that, to any spiritual gurus who might be reading, is exactly my point. Not long ago I was listening to a recorded interview of a seeker/guru/author who said something like, “Even if you have an enlightenment experience (on retreat), once you’re home you still … Continue reading

Meet my Guru: Handstand (Part I)

I’ve been an intermittent yogi for maybe ten years.  Most of that time I considered yoga a form of exercise and stress relief rather than a spiritual practice.  If there was a pose I didn’t like or didn’t think I could do, I’d either skip it, try something easier, or not hold it for as … Continue reading

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