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Prelude to My Essay on Hevria

Mine is a complicated if not convoluted soul. Sometimes it reveals a side of itself that has been hidden so long I’ve forgotten about it, or assumed it no longer existed. In recent years, I’ve experimented with further loosening my already weak and ambivalent ties to Judaism, my birth religion, whose wisdom teachings and sacred chanting … Continue reading

When a Reader Writes

Writing this blog is like repeatedly casting messages in bottles into the ocean. Even though plenty of people read my posts regularly, frequently they don’t comment or otherwise engage, so I forget that they’re here. Sometimes I wish someone I don’t know will open these bottles, read the messages, and send one back to me. Ideally that message … Continue reading

Thoughts on My 200th Post

While I haven’t been counting, WordPress recently notified me that this will be my 200th post. It’s a large enough number to warrant acknowledgment and reflection. This figure does not include dozens of posts I began, to capture an idea or a thought, that I either chose not to develop or incorporated into other pieces of writing. Much of … Continue reading

Feld-Zen-Krais: Doing and Not Doing

“Do it, and don’t do it.” Feldenkrais Trainer Aliza Stewart repeated this phrase, mantra like, as she directed us in a movement last week. Presiding at the front of the room, she reminded me of my compassionate and patient Zen teacher but with a compelling Israeli accent, a regal bearing and stylish red sandals. Perhaps I needed to hear “Do it, … Continue reading

Flipping the Bird at Perfectionism

Sometimes a message only gets across when delivered at the right time.  Last Tuesday was one of the more hectic days of my life.  I had a red eye flight to catch that evening.  Before then, I had to finish packing, clean my living space since I was moving out, drive straggling items to my storage … Continue reading

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