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On the Importance of the Right Container

Imagine you’re handed a precious elixir that requires immediate refrigeration. All you have is a used plastic supermarket container. You wash, rinse and wipe it dry before transferring the elixir. The next day you notice a leak from a pinprick in the bottom. Quickly, you tape it. Shortly thereafter, you observe that the amount of … Continue reading

What is “Spiritual Practice”?

When I began this blog nearly 18 months ago, I chose not to limit myself to a single topic or focus, curious to see what would emerge. Last week, buoyed by an increase in traffic, I redesigned the blog, making the home page more user friendly and dynamic. And I tried to look at my … Continue reading

Windsurfing as Zen Practice

We are going to do one thing at a time.  My tanned Colorado windsurfing instructor uttered those words on the shore of Big Soda Lake, but they could have also come out of the mouth of a Zen teacher, sitting on a black zafu at the front of a room.  He repeated that phrase frequently, … Continue reading

Knitting as Zen Practice

For years, I’ve had a knotty relationship with knitting.  As a teenager, I envied friends who, having learned the skill from their mothers, aunts or grandmothers, whipped up scarves and sweaters.  In my freshman year at college, I decided to learn, and took a lesson at a yarn shop down the road from my suburban … Continue reading

Zen Moment: Tea House Turnabout

Last week I stopped at a Denver tea house to write.  Expecting to stay a while, I ordered the tea service which, the menu said, included a full pot and a treat.  That turned out to be a handful of mouthwatering Earl Grey cookies.  The cheerful employee delivered it all to my table on a … Continue reading

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