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My Latest Feldenkrais Experiment? Taking a Yoga Class

In response to my recent article, Is Yoga My New Pork?!, a longtime reader and fellow Feldenkrais fan wrote, “I find it odd that yoga has moved from something you no longer do to revolting and hope you can learn to relax that perception.” Indeed, to put yoga into the bucket of “things I do not … Continue reading

Is Yoga My New Pork?!

When I found Feldenkrais nearly three years ago and stopped doing yoga, I thought I’d released yoga gracefully with a deep bow and a final namaste, as a good yogi would. Apparently not. A few weeks ago a friend showed me one of the yoga studios where she teaches. The beatific faces of the two men behind … Continue reading

Yoga is a Four Letter Word

I’m surprised by the ongoing reaction to my article, “Why I Do Feldenkrais Instead of Yoga”. Most feedback has been supportive, affirming and encouraging. Yet some people who do Feldenkrais and yoga have objected, not to the article itself, in which I describe my personal experience, some of which they even relate to, but to the title. They wished … Continue reading

It Takes a Village to Go Viral

Recently I decided to venture from this blog and submit an article to an online magazine. It was a bit of an experiment to send “Why I Do Feldenkrais Instead of Yoga” to Elephant Journal, a yoga-centric publication whose staff, readers and contributors includes tons of yogis (both committed and disgruntled). Indeed, when I practiced yoga, I avidly devoured many articles in that very … Continue reading

Facing Fear, One Flip Turn at a Time

“Question your thoughts. Question your stories. Question your assumptions. Question your opinions. Question your conclusions…” – Adyashanti For years I had a story that I wasn’t a good swimmer. I had another story that I was afraid of swimming in open water. I assumed that to be a decent swimmer, one had to have to … Continue reading

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