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Knitting as Zen Practice

For years, I’ve had a knotty relationship with knitting.  As a teenager, I envied friends who, having learned the skill from their mothers, aunts or grandmothers, whipped up scarves and sweaters.  In my freshman year at college, I decided to learn, and took a lesson at a yarn shop down the road from my suburban … Continue reading

It’s All Invented

In The Art of Possibility, after decades of teaching music and seeing how students’ anxiety about grades interfered with their playing, co-author Benjamin Zander decides to give each pupil an “A” at the beginning of the semester.  Their only requirement is to write him a detailed letter explaining who they will have become by the … Continue reading

Do you live in possibility or fear?

I grew up in a family of news junkies.  Even though we lived in Massachusetts, we religiously studied the New York Times, pored over the Boston Globe, and skimmed the weekly local paper.  Later, the Wall Street Journal entered the mix for a more balanced ideological intake.  My father had first dibs, and the rest … Continue reading

Punctuality. It’s About Time.

No matter how much I meditate or do yoga inversions (forcing me to see things upside down), my buttons are pushed when people don’t show up or events don’t begin at the agreed upon or advertised time.  I experience, to varying degrees, irritation, anger, disappointment and/or — if it’s someone I really care about — … Continue reading

Mothers, I Ate Your Chocolate

As I pushed a grocery cart through a main aisle of Sunflower Market yesterday, I passed a table with food samples.  I slowed down and saw chocolate pieces piled in pastel cupcake liners.  An employee with wiry silver hair and a creased brown face stood nearby. “Are you a happy mother?” she asked. I stopped, … Continue reading

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