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Texting to Enlightenment? Spiritual Practice on the Go

Not to fear, I don’t text while driving, cycling, or walking for that matter. But after getting an iPhone after years of resisting (and recoiling from texting), I began exploring its possibilities. On my road trip, texting comes in handy when visiting friends in different cities and confirming last minute logistics. At times, texting was more reliable than e-mail, when my phone’s wireless … Continue reading

Road Trip: the Etch-a-Sketch of Travel

“Planning the next moment drains your energy. Being present to this one replenishes it.” – Living Compassion I love to travel. My mind loves to doubt. Every time I’m on a trip, regardless of destination or length, my mind wonders if I should have done it differently or visited somewhere else altogether. If I’m alone, it tells … Continue reading

Road Trip as Awareness Through Movement

“We do not say at the start what the final stage will be.” – Moshe Feldenkrais After my first month of Feldenkrais training in Santa Fe, I surprised myself by embarking on a road trip…at the last minute.  Several weeks before I received an announcement for an evening of storytelling about Moshe Feldenkrais to honor the … Continue reading

Introvert Birthday? Solo Road Trip

I recently celebrated my 47th birthday. By myself. As I wrote last year, my birthday falls during a time when I’m prone to seasonal affective disorder which even the Colorado sunshine doesn’t fully eliminate. It’s difficult for me to cheerfully celebrate when I’d rather crankily hibernate. Planning and conveying excitement to anyone who’d join me … Continue reading

Lessons from a Road Trip

On Monday morning, I hit the road.  Meticulous planners will be horrified to learn that I made the decision just days before (maybe they are shaking their heads and clucking their tongues at this clinically extreme case of Last-Minute-Itis).  And that is exactly why I needed to take off, to give my inner perfectionist the … Continue reading

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