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Feldenkrais: Detangler of the Spirit

Some people have epiphanies in the shower. The other day, I had one afterwards. I wanted to comb my hair, but since my comb was in another room, I reached for my hairbrush. As I raised my arm to use it, I noticed I was holding my breath. Before beginning my Feldenkrais training, I wouldn’t have sensed … Continue reading

Of Feldenkrais and Furniture

“Each of us has our own mental furniture” – Dennis Leri, Feldenkrais Trainer After returning to Boulder from my second segment of Feldenkrais Training, an impulse arose to host a gathering of fellow “Feldies”. Having moved into a new and relatively spacious apartment just before my training resumed, and having progressively winnowed my possessions in the preceding years, … Continue reading

Feld-Zen-Krais: Doing and Not Doing

“Do it, and don’t do it.” Feldenkrais Trainer Aliza Stewart repeated this phrase, mantra like, as she directed us in a movement last week. Presiding at the front of the room, she reminded me of my compassionate and patient Zen teacher but with a compelling Israeli accent, a regal bearing and stylish red sandals. Perhaps I needed to hear “Do it, … Continue reading

If Patience Were a Vitamin, I’d Take the Whole Bottle

My aunt, who until recently was Queen of Crochet, with many large and intricate projects under her hook, read about my return to knitting.  She had this to say: “It’s like anything else…it needs time and patience.” She made it sound so simple.  If my body has a deficiency, it’s that it seemingly lacks receptors … Continue reading

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